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Parental responsibility?


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I don't think they were arrested purely because the 11 year old was overweight Obs !
Doctors at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital raised their concerns with the police after treating him (not sure if that was for weight related issues or something else) and the young lad was already know to social services too.

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Some of the blame must lie with the "do gooders" in this world.


These days parents have great difficulty in disciplining their children owing to the number of options the child has of getting the parent into hot water just for saying they can't have that ice cream.

Recent example I heard of was of one seven year old boy who was told to behave only to go to the phone and threaten to call the police and say he was being abused. The police would have had to investigate even though there was no truth in the accusation. Especially in the wake of all the high profile cases currently going through the courts etc.

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