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Busy little Bees....


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I finally decided to overcome my fear of bees and other flying and stinging critters and decided that seeing as though they wouldn't go away I might as well just get closer to nature and be friends with them. 

So over the past 2 days I've been taking photo's of them and I'm amazed how one little tree which has recently blossomed of the first time has attracted so many bees constantly all day long. 

Not only are the bees coming but horrid green bottle flies are also enjoying the nectar... yeuch !!

I put some of my photos together in a video and then uploaded it to my private facebook account just so my sister could see how brave I'd been.... and facebook banned it and sent me a violation warning (that's 4 I've had in just over a month now oops) ..... so I've put it on youtube

....which means I can bore you all with it too now :lol: :P

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I think it's more that I got to grips with my fear of bees Algy rather than anything else.

Some were taken with my little old camera (Canon SX130) as all the ones with my newer camera (Canon EOS 1100D, DSLR) were coming out really naff..... but then PJ told me where I was going wrong with my settings etc so I got better with the new one... I need to learn to try to keep completely still though but I struggle with that at the best of times never mind when there are bees buzzing past my hands and face :lol: 

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