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Oliver's statue's been bombed..


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Seems Oliver Cromwell (well his statue) got 'YARN BOMBED' during the night and he was sporting a new pink bonnet :lol:   Did anyone see it ?

Must admit having seen the photo's it's not one of the best or most colourful yarned attempts I've ever seen.... but fair play to the lady as it must have been hard to get a little pink bonnet on his head


I wonder if anything else in Warrington has been done for this so called International Yarn Bombing Day.... maybe I will go and buy some wool 8)

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knitting is easy even i can do it. can't cast on or off but the plain knitting is easy as long as you remember which way you are going when you restart the next day.


(managed to get somebody to cast on for me many years back but couldn't cast off and ended up with a tom baker scarf. about thirty foot long by the time i managed to finish it.)

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Ah now we could do a bit of group team work here as I think I can remember how to cast on and off but it's the bit in the middle that used to go to pot whenever I tried to knit even if it was just a straight scarf.

I can make fluffy pom pom balls using wool and two round peices of cardboard though.... how about a 'pom pom bomb'... quite catchy eh ? :lol:

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