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Former Stretton airfield plan


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OK so I had to look... planning application number 2014/23332 and lots of documents which I couldn't be bothered to read... but I read one small letter.

To me it doesn't sound at all like a place just for a  'private collection' at all and it says the applicant/owner will be out of the country most of the time and says he needs the large office to run the 'business'  !?

Large business office
Various staff..for researching and sourcing new cars & liaising with specialist dealers.. car collection manager.. valuation staff... selling and buying...importing/exporting... payroll...sourcing car parts... taking vehicles off site for mots, servicing etc... oh and 2 security guards full time on site.

Sounds more like a specialist car sales business to me and a very big site.  I wouldn't mind a nosey round all those flashy cars if/when it's built though :wink:

Can't really see why it would be refused as they've allowed a new 'normal' car sales place to be built right at the side of the busy Chester Road (Walton Drag) recently.

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Shell stopped using it about 10 years ago Coffee. 

There were plans a a few years back by someone else who wanted to turn it all into some sort of motor sports/driving facility but I'm not sure if that was refused or withdrawn.

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