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confusion in reporting

Evil Sid

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Just a bit of confusion on my part this morning.


it is in regard to plans for the ship inn on chester road.


Now yesterday Gary reported that planning permission had been given to build houses and CONVERT the ship inn into residential premises (houses/flats whatever)


This morning the rival local "newspaper" is reporting that planning permission has been granted to DEMOLISH the ship inn to build houses etc.


The two articles are identical in their information apart from this minor difference.


So which is the correct version, Conversion or demolition. (not that I doubt the accuracy of Gary and his teams reporting)


Call me cycnical but is this a ploy to sell more copies and stir up a bit of controversy or has there already been a change to the application.

(not that it will affect me in any great way just that if anybody does ask based on the g******n article i can put them right or not as the case may be)


I know I could go to the planning offices website and look it up but 1. I am too busy today. 2. I am too lazy to do it. 3. gives us something to have a moan about on here, for a change :roll:

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Sid - you really must stop relying on alternative and unreliable media sources for your information!  To put your rmind at rest, may I inform you that the outline planning application which was approved by the council is for, and I quote, "the erection of 11 dwellings and conversion of the former Ship Inn and adjacent outbuildings to residential use (three dwellings).

Elsewhere in the report considered by the development management committee, it states: "The existing locally listed building would remain in-situ. At this stage, no physical alterations to the building are proposed."


Of course, it is possible that a later, detailed planning application may seek to alter this.  But there is no indication that this may be the case.

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Maybe you should do it more often Evils. 
We don't even read ours when it comes through the letterbox on a Thursday now as it's full of adverts or news we've already seen online but we keep forgetting to cancel our direct 'subscription' with them. 
Well Mr D does cos it's in his name and from his bank so I can't do it :rolleyes:

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