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Sadams memoirs - new book soon

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I think we sold him tons of the stuff and when I say we I mean all successive governments over the last decade or so a bit of a job creation programme.


Give them the stuff and then bomb them because they have it is the Western approach. He'll probably devote a whole chapter to the Regan and Thatcher years and bring it right up to date, plus namr and shame some of the arms companies.


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If a publishing company was willing to foot the bill then it would be published here Geoff - that is what is meant by FREE.


I hope none do it. I still would not read it.


As for who fitted him with the knowledge and arms - we all did. If you lived in the 80's you knew this - He was our chance to get at Iran - remember? Well that blew up in our faces now didn't it? Sort of like India and the British?

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