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Dog Poop bins


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We did have two designated poop bins at the entrances to the park but then it was decided by the council that the normal litter bins could be used. Not too bad as there were plenty of them but recently lack of maintainance has meant that one or two have had to be removed as they had rotted away at the bottom. they may get replaced or they may not, depends on whether they can find the funds.


other problem with them is that they are just "normal" bins and as such open at the top. some mornings the field looks like it has been hit by rogue fly tippers. Not the public just dumping the rubbish anywhere, i may point out, but the ever present magpies on the look out for a bite to eat. two sit on the edge and one will go inside and start throwing the rubbish out. after sufficient has been strewn around they go off to the next bin to try their luck.

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We walked from Parrs Wood to Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden the other weekend and there are two large open grassed areas near the new houses with a pathway through them (signs said 'Homes and Communities Agency' land ) and the dog pop bin on there was overflowing and bags were all over the floor too.  It looked like it hadn't been emptied for many weeks... and it stunk too !

Maybe they should just get rid of the bin and people can take their poop bags home with them.... naah that will never work !

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