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Highfield lane Winwick


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This won't mean anything to those who never use this lane, that goes from Myddleton lane to the M6 spur road at Winwick.


I have been using this lane for years to get to Cinnamon Brow when I leave the M6 at junction 22. It's a narrow lane that 2 vehicles can just about pass in opposite directions but both have to slow down and move right to the edge of the road. That's never been an issue as I never met any vehicles coming the other way, that is Myddleton Lane to the spur road, until recently that is.


Everytime I use it now, I can guarantee I meet another car, van or as happened the other day, a caravan being towed. What I can't understand is why these vehicles are using the road going in that direction, as they can only turn left on the spur road and go back towards Winwick, which is where they either came from or were going to at the Myddleton lane end.


Anyone here driving on of these cars, as I am on the verge of flagging one down to ask where they are going.

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Is that the road near the Swan Pub at Winwick sort of opposite St Oswalds Church ?

If it is I've only been down there a few times and that was ages ago but I don't remember it being really narrow though. 

Maybe the road signs have changed or perhaps people are using satnavs which are sending them that way..... or more likely people are just using it to avoid the nightmare of the dreaded Winwick Road.

If you have used it for years though then you can't really question others for using it too :wink:

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The one opposite the Swan (ish) is a similar road that goes to the other carriageway. Highfield Lane goes from the main road through Winwick village to the spur road carriageway that goes in the direction of Winwick.


It is quite narrow with a sizeable drop at the edge of the tarmac, a bit of a nightmare if you meet an oncoming wide vehicle.


I don't mind them using it, I'm just curious why.

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I use that road quite often (did last night) especially when the motorway is congested. I once tried to get to the north bound M6 by going that way without thinking then realised because it comes out on a dual carriageway I needed to go all the way back to Winwick.


I’d guess that anyone you meet coming the opposite direction is either lost or just as mistaken as I was. But it's just a small road that cuts across some fields so unless we could invent a road sign that informs drivers they're totally wasting their time by going that way, the situation will continue. :mrgreen:


Bill   :)

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I think Sid's right, I live near this road and the Satnav always suggests this way when I'm heading towards Winwick.


It's in the middle of the map here (if it works):




If you go down to street view you can see how narrow it is.

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