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Friends of Parkfields Park with Mark Olly

Geoffrey Settle

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Great evening with some of the founder members of the Friends of Parkfields Park as featured in Warrington Worldwide http://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/articles/17277/1/Park-Friends-launch-Facebook-site/Page1.html

We had brilliant weather and a fantastic walk and talk from Mark Olly (without his famous Black Hat and Long Coat). He told us loads of stories about the features, the designer and his approach and the mystique of the park that fired our imagination which is what this folly is all about.

Our vision is simple: To bring the features that can be re-established back to their former glory, increase biodiversity and make Parkfields Park become and feel a safer place that people will enjoy again.

The hard work starts with a litter pick on Thursday 1st May at 6.30pm, a report to the council for their comments as to how they can help and the identification of what projects we can tackle ourselves.


Below is mark telling us about the various pairs of Yew Trees that ahve been planted around the park as entrances to features, this one leads to the Moss Maze, Giant Hand and sign posts the route to St Bridgets Church.






Above is the entrance to what used to be the Sensory Garden - a mini project :P




Friends of Parkfield Park crossing the magic 7 stepping stones from the maze to what used to be the Giant Hand :mrgreen:


Check out more on our facebook site https://www.facebook.com/pages/Warrington-Nature-Conservation-Forum/110886079024465#!/FriendsOfParkfieldsPark


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Since the walk - we have been in contact with the original Landscape Atchitect and he has agreed to meet next week to go through his designs.


In addition the top man from Record (who manages the Cheshire Biodiversitydatabase) has taken a brief tour of the park and already identified over 100 different species the majority being plants and trees which just shows the depth. I need to get more of this work done by Warrington Nature Conservation Forum and RSPB members this year.


Our role is to attract all creatures great and small - but mainly small i.e. insects, butterflies and birds to the park :mrgreen:


Next meeting is on Thursday 1st May at 6.30pm for a litter pick - meeting at the big stone circle.

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Warrington Council have their contact details Geoff ...... but while it's a bank holiday weekend and the council is closed here you go....tab at the top 'contact us'.  

However looking at the Project Criteria rules I doubt that litter picking would be accepted.


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