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Not a big problem, most drivers and cyclist do not take any notice of the 20 limits (or any other speed limit for that matter). i include cyclists as on a few occasions i have been overtaken by cyclist when driving at thirty let alone twenty. don't know why they don't go the whole hog and make all residential areas pedestrian only. (remember folks you saw it here first)


it seems as though it is just the motorist who has to abide by the speed limits. I would like to know how many of the BRAKE supporters have their own car and whether or not they do stick to the permitted speed limits set out on the roads.(how many have points for speeding on their license)


a bit of a survey. how many of you have been overtaken by a bus in the twenty zone in warrington town centre, especially if you were sticking to the speed limit. I have for one (also taxis, police cars and quite a few cyclists)

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