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Manchester derby


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I can think of one person who may disagree but I would say that City are favourites to win this one, however, I suspect that the majority if not all Poo fans will be cheering on United so who knows.

I'm going for City 2-1.

Well Skybet have Man U at 23/10 and City around evens so I reckon City start favourites unless of course this is Robboworld in which case it's the opposite. Also can't see many LFC fans ever shouting for utd myself included but a draw would be ok . What I don't want is another embarrassing hammering for your team Robbo as they may then sack the Chosen one lol
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Keep saying that they're not my team PO,And I did say City would win 2-1, well 2 and 1 =3  :wink:

But good to see that you agreed with me that City were favourites.

so thats you and Fergie jumped ship then. Like the City fans sang tonight, " I can see you sneaking out" lol.  for your information I agreed, as last time, with the bookmakers who actually decide who starts favourite.  I see you provide above the reason you cant seem to grasp it, you make up the answers to simple sums to suit your slant.  

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