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bridge at latchford


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Keithb, looking on that map and the more recent ones (where there is a little more detail) it looks like it was just a bridge which crossed 'the feeder', presumably a stream or other waterway, that ran along side the mersey and went to Manor Locks.


See these two maps.....







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Looking at a map of 1873 it is definately a bridge over the 'Feeder' which was the waterway created from Woolston Cut to fill the locks (when the locks were used the water drained out so had to be re-filled by the feeder)

The bridge looks to have led to the other side of the feeder where the mooring posts were on the banks of the Mersey.

So an educated guess would be that the little bridge would have been built about the same times as the feeder aqueduct was dug and the locks were built on new Runcorn and Latchford Canal (Mersey & Irwell Canal) as that was created so the boats could bypass the more tidal sections of the Mersey.

I think the Runcorn to Latchford canal opened in 1803.





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Hi Keithb, yes that is a small bridge that crossed a feeder stream that drained into the Mersey by Kingsway bridge,

I used to walk over it on way to school at Richard Fairclough's, it had a slewce gate underneath and sometimes the water running over the gate made a squealing noise we kids used to say it was a pig stuck in there we used to hold a kids ankle so he could lean over the edge to have a look, Dam dangerous but kids will be kids, sorry I have to report,  no pig ever found.   


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