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The recovery?


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Anyone noticing "the economic recovery"?   The Country is still well into the red, so austerity remains the order of the day. Osbourne's  budget attempts to drag the grey vote away from UKIP; Liebour  back a cap on the benefits budget; so little to choose between them?  We're still not "all in it together" as parents earning £300,000pa will get help with childcare costs, while those at the bottom of the food chain resort to food banks to survive. But some folk seem to be out there spending; holidays appear to be booked up; cars seem to be selling well - is this the grumpies spending their denuded savings before the grim reaper gets them or are folk back to their cards, spending what they can't afford?

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I think it tells us a lot about the economy when the likes of Morrison's & Sainsbury's  are falling prey to Aldi & Lidl. Even the die hard "I wouldn't be seen dead in there"  brigade are are discovering the benefits of cheaper food shopping.

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