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Fun in the fun eral parlour

harry hayes

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widow goes to see her husband in the funeral parlour where he is beautifully laid out in a black suit.

Oh dear, he always wanted to buried a blue suit, but the undertaker explains that i

Black is the colour they use.


Next day she pays another visit and he is beautifully laid out in a blue suit. She thanks the undertaker for taking the trouble.


He says,"no trouble, another man came in this morning wearing a blue suit. --- it was just a matter of changing heads".


Happy days


Was going to turn it into a poem, but........".

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Dead funny


Down at the funerial parlour.

There was a right owdjado

The corpse was dressed in a black suit

The widow insisted on blue


The director took her to on side

And said of the deplorable lack

Madame may want a blue suit

But here they are buried in black


But on the day of the funeral

Before the internment was due

The widow gazed at her husband

All clad in a suit of bright blue


She had praise for the funeral director

She was pleased he had changed it instead

He replied that another had died dressed in blue

And we just switched the head.


Evil Sid 20014


well why not Harry.

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No chance, for several reasons. 'Publish and be damned'. And one way or other I would be. Some of the poetry forums I'm on stipulate that poems must not have been published elsewhere, so you will have to wait till Christmas In a book of humorous poems mainly for ump teenagers.


Suffice to say well done to Sid for his good thinking.

Happy days

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