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Tony Benn


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An excellent speaker - but a man who helped take Labour too far to the Left and so alienated the party to many who might otherwise have supported it.   His decision to renounce his title probably made him popular with Lefties - but of course he only gave his title away, not the money that went with it!

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Sad news this, a man of principle and integrity, and a thoroughly nice bloke too.  That's the second stalwart of the left gone inside a week.


Benn didn't renounce his peerage to gain popularity, it was so he could stay in the House of Commons - at the time Peers weren't allowed to serve as MPs. Don't see what money's got to do with it.


One of my favourite quotes:


"If one meets a powerful person, one can ask five questions: what power do you have; where did you get it; in whose interests do you exercise it; to whom are you accountable; and, how can we get rid of you? Anyone who cannot answer the last of those questions does not live in a democratic system."



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