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Musical sophistication


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A survey carried out by Goldsmiths, University of London and BBC Lab UK has found that Redditch, in Worcestershire, is the country's least musically sophisticated town, while Hastings is the most musically sophisticated. Also that the most musically sophisticated people are likely to be the most affluent (although there are exceptions to this in Wales and the South West).

I have been unable to find where Warrington figures in the national "league table" but as it is neither in the top ten nor the bottom ten, it is reasonable to assume it must be somewhere around the middle. I trust no members of this forum took part in the survey, thus condemning us to a lower position than we might otherwise have achieved!

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:lol: :lol: :lol: OMG Evils those two song/music titles had me in fits of giggles...... anyone good at writing song words as they could catch on, or would we get beaheaded ?

Adam..... have you ever tried having some sort of therapy for your obsession.  I beleive CBT is quite good :wink:

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Some people don't know a wind up when they see one!

However, let me point out that I didn't conduct this survey, nor take part in it.

I would agree with anyone who thinks it was an utterly pointless survey which proves nothing - particularly as it did not involve musicians.

But to Evil Sid, who wonders how one judges sophistication in music, I would point out that it is easy enough to recognise sophistication in other fields - fashion, for instance - so why should it not be equally so in music?  It is nothing to do with whether you like the music or not - that would depend on how sophisticated your taste is!

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Again it all depends on what your definition of sophisticated is.


Having been brought up in the sixties I have been exposed to all types of music. i had a grammar school education during which i was then taught to listen to all types of "classical" music as well as contempary music of the age and encouraged to discuss at length the merits of both. I regard music these days as background music or mood music depending on what i am doing at the time. Some music makes me sad other music cheers me up does not matter what era it is from or what artist or artists are playing it. It evokes some feeling. Harpo marx or liberace, the london symphony orchestra or the mariachi band. music is music,listen and enjoy.


As to whether my taste is sophisticated I have no idea i just know what i like and dislike.


I have seen a definition of sophisticated as complex such as a computer or piece of machinery. Music can be very complex but that does not mean it is sophisticated but some of the most sophisticated music can be very simple. hope this helps you to decide about my tastes in music.

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I am indeed impressed with the sophisticated way you put over your argument. And I am not being sarcastic, I find your post interesting.

I too was exposed to all types of music and that was in the Forties and Fifties.  However I was not exposed to pop music at school, only in my leisure time. Mainly on the radio and through records.

Introducing pop music into a music lesson at school would have resulted in a black mark, indeed I well remember an occasion when doing so got me in serious trouble.  At the time I was indignant but now I believe the teacher was right - pop music should have no place in the curriculum. This is not to say it should not have a place in your life but it should not be taken too seriously.

You mention "background music" Sid - and that is just about the best that can be said about it.  It is not for people of sophisticated tastes, whatever your definition of sophistication!

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