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What fellow members wear in bed.

harry hayes

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I want you to imagine the scene above,

"What's that, you already do?";

But for the pure and innocent,

The following will give a clue.


Lingerie; face cream; bed-socks,

Plus a dash of something nice;

But you want to know what the females wear,

And I'll tell you in a trice.


Imagine your hero in a long white gown,

A veritable Wee Willy Winkie;

Two thirds of the name will be doubtless right,

And perhaps the other should read 'Dinky'.


A younger lady will wear a onesey,

Which doesn't please her hubby;

What fellow, worthy of his salt, 

Wants to sleep with a Teletubby.


Another will prefer a 'nonesey' -

Absolutely no night attire;

That's fine until you meet a burglar,

Or find your house on fire.


Satin sexiness may apply in cases,

For romance most appealing;

But Mrs Flannelette will be more concerned,

With the state of the bedroom ceiling.


Sadly, once the teeth go in the glass,

Most elders  look unsexy;

Any real thought of passionate love,

Would cause 'death by apoplexy'.



Happy days


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