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I don't contribute very much to the forum, but the other day I wanted to comment and add a photo too. But the photo would not transfer from photobucket.....I know, I have asked this question before many moons ago wjhen I had problems, and finally (or so I thought) got it sorted. I am doing everything that Dizzy told me to do this time,  I have tried the Direct and IMG link but neither work, they bring up a box on here when I press the image icon, copy the code, and everything locks........has something altered or changed since my last photo upload?

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well that worked.


Whaty you need to do is just click on the bit that shows the img code when on photobucket. it should turn a yellowy colour and say copied. then use ctrl and v to paste it into the reply to this topic box. you should get a long line of code that is the link to photo bucket. if you use the more reply options you can preview your post to see if it has worked. you may also need to set the permissions on photobucket to public. hope this helps.

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works fine for me too MiddleC

I just clicked the 'image' icon then pasted my photobucket 'direct link' code in and posted.

Are you still using Internet Explorer as I remember ?you/PJ? and me started having problems with that for some things.... I'm using firefox now.

Let me know if you are still having problems...

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All I am getting is a box called 'Image Properties' after I press on the image icon.

If I copy the direct link, or the IMG code (have tried both), into this box and return it just locks up and gives me a message that the image properties have changed. In other words, it doesn't work, and I have to then come out of WW to 'unlock' this box! I have also tried copying directly into the text to avoid the box but that doesn't show the copied code. Strange.......yes I still use Internet Explorer and Windows 7.

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Is it Internet explorer 11 MiddleC ?  If so then that may probably be your problem. 

Mine automatically updated to v11  some time ago and I had loads of problems after that with various things both on and off this forum as there were (maybe still are) compatability issues.

Try it with firefox or another browser to see if that works and if it does then at leat you know it's not your pc.

I the mean time If you want a specific photo adding to something and still can't do it yourself then let me know as you can email it to me I can insert it into YOUR post for you as an admin 'edit' .


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