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Manchester Ship Canal ship movements (again)


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Yes I know there have been topics in the past about this but thought I'd start a new one.

Seems there is a lot of talk going on at the moment between the Council and Peel Holdings (and also reports in the local press) about the proposed increase in shipping on the Manchester Ship Canal and disruption caused by bridge opening/closing etc.

So... Have Peel altered their shipping movements a little already ??


Reason for asking..... Peels own COASTAL DENIZ bloody big ship woke me up at 1.38am (precisely) this morning as it rumbled past with it's loud droaning noise.  Yawn.... ! 

It always used to go past in the day time although we did notice a change a few months back as it seemed to be coming past more frequently early to late evening.

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How would I hear my alarm go off... hey now that would be a cracking excuse foor getting up late though :lol: 


One ship going past I can cope with and maybe I was sleeping lighter than normal last night and perhaps more do go down, who knows. 
It does sometimes make things rattle and doors creek when it passes at other times though which could be a bit spooky at night.  Maybe that was what woke me up ?!? 

I just wondered if this is the start of more and more of the bigger buggers going down in the middle of the night


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:lol: :lol: :lol:  Poor Lt K, you are so very cruel sometimes Baz.

Like I said, which no-one seems to know, I just wondered if Peels etc had made some recent changes to stop as many rush hour swing bridge problems for a while to stop everyone kicking off.

PS Coastal Deniz went past about half an hour ago and is nearly at Thelwall now so it shouldn't be comeing back this way again in the early hours :lol:8)


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A letter in the WG suggested that the old high level railway bridge crossing the canal be brought back in to service . I guess it was built strong enough to take rail traffic so it might provide a long term solution. I think Warrington planners went to sleep in the past thinking that the canal was a dead duck and have neglected any long term planning scenarios which envisaged a resurrection of water borne cargo 

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I've suggested bringing the Latchford high level railway bridge back into use on several occasions on here, and there's a link to some photos which show the current condition of the bridge in this post - http://forum.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/index.php?/topic/10875-28days-later/


I've also suggested that a road over the bridge could follow the line of the old tracks all the way to Brian Bevan island and then by opening up a route through Centre Park we'd have another bridge over the Mersey available and a way of bypassing the Bridge Foot bottleneck to Bank Quay, or even straight through to Sankey Way avoiding the town centre altogether.


Even though the Latchford high level railway bridge appears to be relatively narrow and may only easily accomodate a single one-way carriageway, there are lots of ways it could be used. I'd look at using a road along the trackway to Brian Bevan island to link the Latchford bridge with the Cantelever, that way one bridge could be for northbound while the other handles southbound, and I'd even look at a new route from the Latchford bridge to the North or Northeast and over the Mersey to the A57 - giving an alternate route from the South to Padgate and the employement areas of Woolston Grange, Birchwood and Risley.

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News page link has since been updated Evils / Graps......

The rescue services found her and got her out but she is critical in hospital.  Crikey the poor lady was in there for just short of two hours.

Fingers and everything else crossed that she pulls through x

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