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Squad & Predictions - Leeds


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10 Roy Asotasi
4 Ryan Atkins
3 Chris Bridge
17 Ben Currie
22 Brad Dwyer
19 Anthony England
25 Ben Evans
13 Simon Grix
9 Micky Higham
8 Chris Hill
23 James Laithwaite
5 Joel Monaghan
14 Michael Monaghan
7 Richie Myler
20 Gareth O’Brien
29 Gene Ormsby
6 Stefan Ratchford
11 Trent Waterhouse
12 Ben Westwood


I'm pleased that Chris Riley hasn't made the squad as I feel he's been exposed defensively far too many times last season and also last week.  I also hope O'Brien gets a start and that M Monas starts from the bench. England a straight replacement for big Riley.


Leeds looked impressive last week, especially in the backs, and with us performing so poorly last week I think we'll struggle to get a result, but hopefully put in a better performance to build from.


Leeds by 12.

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There was a lot more wrong defensively than Chris Riley - big forwards failing to defend their own tryline was painful to watch!


100% agreed - BUT - he was found out last year a number of times and I feel it's time to at least see if someone else is capable of doing a better job, otherwise what incentive is there for the youngsters within the squad.

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Been to Leeds a few times & it's a horrible place to get to traffic wise. This time i will be travelling as far as the pub to watch it. I think worrying about the season at this stage is an over reaction though , we will still be a superleague side next year ,with or without trophies !

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