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Wind damage from Wednesday

Geoffrey Settle

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2 slates off the roof, two above those looking a bit loose too and one much further to the left slipped down a bit. 

Ahh well could have been worse and at least they didn't hit the neighbours as they crashed to the ground right outside their front door :)

I can't believe I just took a photo... these must be one of the most boring pics I've EVER uploaded.  Your fault Geoff :lol: :lol:




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We've not bothered telling the insurance as it will only put our premium up next time or if we change companies.

Saying that if I thought I could blag a full re-roof to get rid of 100 years of grot and cobwebs in the loft I might be temped :lol:

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Replace one slate and secure loose slate, twenty minutes work for the guy and should charge between £80 and £100. This based on a similar incident I had about three years back when a slate came off and water came dripping through my bedroom roof. Guy came out replace the slate and charged me £50. Quite happy to pay as he did it there and then with a slate he had.

HadIi gone through insurance would have had to have got three seperate quotes and probably have to have waited a week while they agreed to which one did it. (chances are if I had said it was an insurance job the price would have been at least double that).

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Thanks for that Evils and will bare that in mind if we have to get any quotes for replacing the two missing ones. 

Neighbour told my other half that they have asked someone to look and repair it as they seemed to think they had come off their side.... odd as to me it looks like one off theirs and one off ours (terraced).

Not seen them since so no idea what's happening, might just get someone round ourselves as at least that way we will know it gets done and properly.

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