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Three members go to heaven

harry hayes

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This is a joke - hope the members will forgive me'( I have only ever seen one of them, Algy)


Algy goes to  heaven and St Peter asks him how often he had sinned.  Fairly often was the reply so Algy is shown into a room where he sees the hairy dwarf of a woman.  dirty smelly etc.  " As you have sinned, You have to sleep with this woman for the rest of eternity."


Peter , our member, arrives and confesses to the same as Algy.  His room contains a disfigured, seven foot woman; no teeth; quite horrible.  " As you have sinned. you have to spend the rest of eternity in bed with this woman."


Our editor ( or is it one of his  assistants?) arrives, looking nervous as he sees the fate of the other two.  St Peter explains that there is only one room left.

He opens the door and our editor/assistant perks up  seeing Cindy Crawford lying on the bed half naked.


St Peter says "Cindy, as you have-------------------=


Happy days

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Nice one Harry. 


It’s a variation of the English man Irish man and the scouser who asked for shelter for the night at a farm. The farmer agreed if they didn’t mind sleeping in the barn. Later, the Englishman was at the door saying he couldn’t sleep with horses followed shortly after by the Irish man who couldn’t sleep with sheep. Finally a pig was at the door….


Old ones are always the best. 

(Just like me!)


Bill :)


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