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Can office workers park in front of your house?

Geoffrey Settle

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The Highway code contains both regulations and advice.


Must not, is a rule contained in legislation and is enforcable.


Should not does not have the force of law, it is merely advice.


All three cars in the picture are parked legally.

If we are being pedantic then this LAW could apply quite easily 


The core legislation appears to be the Highways Act 1980 which states that an offence has been committed if “a person deposits any thing whatsoever on a highway to the interruption of any user of the highway”, (S:148) and then goes on to say: “If any thing is so deposited on a highway as to constitute a nuisance, the highway authority for the highway may by notice require the person who deposited it there to remove it forthwith”.(S:149)

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...and as the police have already pointed out, as long as there is room left on the pavement for pedestrians, pushchairs etc. then there has been no nuisance or interruption caused. That's assuming that the pavement is even legally considered to be part of the highway - I've a feeling that plod would have something to say if I drove along a pavement and tried claiming it to be part of the highway!

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