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We are having an unusually cold winter in Southeast Texas, low temps, frost and even a few snow flurries.  Normally we play golf in shorts on Christmas Day, but this year it never got above 40 degrees

Of all those posting on this topic there seems only one, Lt Kije, who believes that the present flooding problems are in any way related to 'global warming'. As Algy illustrated with his informative

Weather patterns are changing all over our planet because it is time for it to do so and for no other reason, as has taken place since it was formed from whatever it started out from and the climate w

So are you advocating carry on polluting, because if we don't the third World Countries will, and recourses are limited so better we burn them than them?


sounds like a plan to me

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The planet will probably still be here long after the human race has finally died out. whether there will be any discernable life left on it is yet to be determined.


So far the best bet is the cockroaches or maybe bacteria.

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Doesn't it depend on which experts you believe, in simple terms if one lot are right then the other lot must be wrong but If they are all experts how can they be diametrically opposite in their views?  Does anyone actually know? 

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