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harry hayes

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With superstitions and old wives tales,

Countless 'misses' rush  on by;

Only noticed when one comes to pass,

Then what a fish you have to fry!


A white heather lady called a while ago,

Her curse on me fell flat;

Simply mindless paganism -

But a shame about our cat.


Crossed knives indicate a murder,

Or perhaps a partners unsubtle moan;

She's probably just a bit upset,

Although a prosecution's not unknown.


A 'lucky' horse -shoe  hangs on the doorpost,

It's unfortunate wearer turned to glue;

'Kill a spider and  you'll wet the bed',

That means I've killed a few.


Most hotels have no 13th floor,

A simply, groundless, fear;

Seven years for a broken mirror?

The reason is -unclear'.


When you dine you must wait an hour,

Before partaking in you know what;

As you age this is less important,

A gentle cuddle fills the spot.


So discard all those irrational beliefs -

Religion for a simple mind;

It's bad luck to be superstitious,

Fingers crossed it's all behind.


However, it costs nothing to knock on wood,

Some old wives tales do come true;

'Pull faces and it will stick that way',

Mine did -  but surely,not you too?


Thank you for reading   Happy days

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