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Peel Hall Conservation Group

Geoffrey Settle

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Born out of the Fight Against Peel Hall development a new Group has been set up by Ste Dodd called Peel Hall Conservation Group and this morning was their first event. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.515499091896493.1073741909.110886079024465&type=3&uploaded=14#!/media/set/?set=a.515499091896493.1073741909.110886079024465&type=1


Cutting, dragging, burning, painting stumbs...











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Yes it was warm when the sun came out. We has our 2nd meeting in the Cinnamon Brow Community Centre tonight.

On Thursday there is another event which is detailed on the Peel Hall Conservation Group Facebook site as follows:


This Thursday at 8.00 am, I'm organising a morning's training on bird surveying for the area - meet at 8.00am on the Millstone pub car park and maybe finish off with a drink and a bite We'll then do monthly bird surveys throughout the year. Later in the year we'll do the same for butterflies and dragonflies.
Cheers David Bowman (PHCG Recorder)
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The group will soon have a Web Site and an email address and the next meeting at Cinnamon Brow Farm Community Centre will be on March 3rd at 7pm :P - I have invited Ste Dodd to give a talk at a future Warrington Nature Conservation Forum meeting.


However the Spring WNCF meeting will see the WNCF venturing out of Warrington to the World Museum Liverpool where we will have a brief meeting followed by a behind the scenes tour of collections not on view to the public! This behind the scenes snoop will be led by our very own Tony Parker who as many of you know is a WNCF member and Zoology curator at the museum.


So lots of conservation activities to look forward to 8)

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They have to be accompanied and now have strict health and safety procedures in place Baz so probably more trouble than it's worth incase they  get injured on 'wild' land. 

They always used to do a really good job maintaining the graveyard in Stockon Heath though but not seen their team there for a while so not sure if someone else does it now.

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