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Laptop Stolen, Latchford (Tom Sephton Memorial Trophy)


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This is from the  'Tom Sephton Memorial Trophy' facebook page and is being shared on FB and other sites too. 


The laptop was stolen from a car in Latchford yesterday, near Victoria Park



I'm also posting a cut and paste of their latest text incase the facebook link doesn't work for some people.  Please keep an eye and ear out !!


They are also offering a reward for its return and no questions asked :(

Our laptop containing irreplaceable photographs and documents from the last 4 years of The Tom Sephton Memorial Trophy has been stolen from a car in Latchford,
Warrington. Near Victoria Park. We know that it was taken onto the old Black Bear Canal near the Black Bear Bridge as we found posters and documents that were with it there today.

We would very much like it back and are offering a £250 REWARD ...no questions asked ... it's that important, we just need it back.

Please contact us on here if you can help. The laptop is a Hewlett Packard dv6-6c05ea (as in the picture) it was in a black neoprene case, grey inside, with the power pack and leads. Someone must know something .... Please help, thank you for your time and please share this post. £250!!!! For someone!


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I know what you are saying Inky but it's suprising how many people never get around to it.  Same with mobile phone picture memories.

I've done it myself and if I'm honest I've never backed up this new pc since I got it and I have loads of photo's and new family info on it. 
Reason.... I need a new external hard drive that I can dedicate to this PC and always find something seemingly more important at the time that needs my money or I just forget.


When I say 'new' I've probably had it about 9 months already now but seems like only yesterday.

I really hope they get their laptop back too :(


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last external drive i got cost me £15.00. had one of those recordable dvd with a hard drive in given to me. Could not get it to work so took the hard drive out and bought a sata case for it for £15.00.  Works a treat as a portable external drive after i had formatted it. only 120 gbytes but more than enough for the pictures and documents that i need to store safely.


Mate of mine is alays on the look out at car boots and such for the sky plus boxes or the old dvd recorders with the hard drives in. Can usually get them for a fiver and sata cases are now about seven quid so for £12.00 and a bit of work with a screwdriver you could have a cheap external drive.

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I tend to back up all of my documents and pictures to two seperate cloud based services for free. I've got 100GB of storage via Dropbox and 10GB on Skydrive - all of it free - and I automatically back up my pictures and documents to both, even my phone cameras automatically send copies of every picture I take to both whenever they are on a wifi network.


I also have a 1TB Network Storage Drive connected to my home router which cost me about £100 and that gets a third copy of all documents and pics plus full incremental backups od the hard drives on all 4 PCs in the house.


All of these storages are accessible over the internet from any device anywhere and the backups all happens automatically over the wifi each night.


I used to use an external drive for backups but there was the hassle of remembering to do it and I was always worried that one day I would connect it up to retreive something only to find that it had failed.

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When I got this PC I remember a setup telling me I could back up to the cloud or another area of the 'sky' somewhere. 

I'm not sure if it was a Windows 7 thing or maybe when I installed Microsoft Office 365.  I know I had to register and account with Microsoft for something or other but I think I told whatever it was not to save/backup to the floaty place as I didn't like the thought of my personal docs and photo's being automatically stored somewhere in cyber space where I had no real control over them.

Wish I could remember where I saw it, what I had to register with and what my username/password was so I can have another think about it as maybe it's not such a bad idea after all. 

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