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Hello - "statue?"

harry hayes

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Forgive the title - old shaggy dog joke.


In modern times versus 'good old days',

A result is hard to find;

But with ancient and modern telephones,

'No contest' springs to mind.


You picked up your sturdy hand-set,

Tap the connector  once or twice;

Your post-mistress answered  "number please?",

"55 if you'd be so nice".


"That's Mrs Jones, she's just gone out,

I'll try 87, she may be there";

Nothing was too much trouble,

A service beyond compare.


But the good lady did have certain faults,

Show impatience - most perverse;

Your 'plug in' might just end up wrong,

India nuisance call -  in reverse.


Non-local connections could take an age,

'Shared lines' an unholy twin;

Your secrets never stayed that way,

The operator listened in.


Now take your modern counterpart,

Hear Beethoven or singing fish;

Gadgets beyond Bell's wildest dreams,

At your pleasure, should  you wish.


With perhaps just one delicate touch,

You have a world-wide window-sill;

I'm afraid the modern scores 'un point',

The 'good old days', sadly, 'nil'.


Thanks for reading  Happy days

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Excellent Harry :wink: 


I don't remember the days when a lady had to put you through but I do remember us occasionally having crossed lines. 

That was odd hearing someone elses chatting away at the same time as we were.


I actually miss the old phones where you used to put your finger in the number 'hole' and dial it round. 

This will sound odd I know but I used to like the sound as the dial went back to it's position and '0' was always my favourite number as the sound lasted longer :oops::lol:

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