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Heavy Lift Barge passing through Latchford Locks.


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The heavy lift barge 'Terra Marique' belonging to Robert Wynn & Sons Ltd passing up the Manchester Ship Canal and out of Latchford Locks on 20/01/2014. Registered Newport Gwent.

The vessel is 2211 tonnes dwt.


Terra Marique

The Terra Marique is a towed sea-going barge owned by Robert Wynn and Sons Ltd. It has been designed to handle Abnormal Indivisible Loads from specialised trailers by Ro-Ro or from inland barges using the integral  semi-submersible capability. The vessel can deliver or receive loads via existing infrastructure, riverbanks or through beach landing.


Recently the 'Terra Marique' was called upon to successfully recover the Portrush lifeboat that had become stranded on rocks while responding to an emergency.


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Dizzy the barge has a deep hold I stood right next to it when it was in the locks and I could not see in the hold even when the barge was at the lower level,so would assume that the load it would have been carrying was not very large by volume but probably quite heavy.

Go to the following owners site where it explains all the details.



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Thanks for the link Algy :) 

Stupid me saw the crane on the back of it and thought things went on top not inside.  I guess the word 'barge' should have made me use my brain cell.


Clever how other craft etc can be floated into it at the back.

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