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Warrington Museum - curiosities ?


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Front page news today....




Hurrah Warrington Museum's new 'Cabinet of Curiosities' room opens next Friday.  Cant wait to have a look what's in there :)


We went to the museum the other week and haven't been in for a few years.  There were some great displays but we hadn't realised the new bit hadn't opened yet so looking forward to going back again.

It was odd though as it all felt a lot smaller than I remember it being and the Manchester Raod gibbett that used to be in the pretend street with the sound effects and rats had gone... or had I imagined that being there ?


PS If you go to the museum/library during the week don't park in the pay and display on Museum Street as it's really expensive..... park in the old multi storey car park near the market.  It's only £1 for upto 3 hours parking and only a few minutes walk to the museum past the Postern Gate :wink: 

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You should go and have a look round Artie it's really interesting in there.  It will have changed a lot from when you used to go in as a kiddie though :wink: 


I've not had chance to go back to see the new Cabinet of Curiositis section yet though but believe it is very good.

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