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Kingsway Bridge - eyesore !!


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Have you see it ?  Bloody eyesore !!


Kingsway Bridge now has a large new 'wall' just as you approach the island........ made of TYRES !! 


All bound together to form a high wall and wait for it, two big banners saying 'Advertise Here'.


I'm guessing it's not a new flood defense :wink:

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I took one but can't log into my photobucket to upload it to here......you have a car and a camera though don't you ?  :P


Someone has posted a couple of crackers on the Warrington Memories FB page though if you've not seen them yet :wink:  (not the 'warr born' one)

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Yes Dizzy noticed them building this eyesore last week as you say made of flattened tyres,an inventive way of dumping tyres.

I had a quick look through planning apps.may have missed one but no trace of one.

Apart from the esthetic view of this monstrosity there is a possible fire risk here,also are the builders going to remove them when finished or are Warrington rate payers going to pick up the bill for disposal.

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I though you were being impatient cos I hadn't answered you quick enough  :lol:  :lol:   I just deleted 2 for you 


Can you imagine if they all went up in flames the fumes and smoke would be awful.


Is there building work going on there too then as I didn't notice any.

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Good point Bill !!


I can't imagine that the council will have allowed this 'advertising' wall to be built or that they will allow it to stay.


They don't approve of fly posting or illegal advertising (is it illegal if it's on private land?) not to mention the dangers of having something like that distracting motorists on a busy road so close to to an island where someone has already sadly lost their life.


Maybe the council enforcement bods are looking into it as I'm sure they will be aware of it by now as it's not like it's just popped up over night.

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Has it got any bigger ?  I looked on the website of the company who are advertising 'advertising space' on the wall on the big banner attached to it...... £££'s kerching !


Would I pay to advertise on that eyesore.  NO as it looks so tacky and unprofessional!! 


Maybe the tyres are just the stabilising base and it will be covered in wood or something.

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