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Abdul's Camels

harry hayes

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Not meant to be the worlds best poem, but hopefully easy read

and puzzling.  Try it with cards; coins;or just in your head.




Abdul had seventeen racing camels,

Which were worth their weight in gold;

I'll give them to my children,

As I'm getting very old.


To the eldest he left half his stock,

A third and a ninth to the other two;

But part camels can no longer race,

Ripe Arab curses flew.


Old Abdul was a wise man,

And borrowed one for a spare;

Eighteen camels; nine is half;

Six and two to the other pair.


Nine,plus six, and then add two,

That's seventeen camels once again;

Hump the odd one back to the lender,

All it needed was a brain.



Thanks for reading   Happy days

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Harry,  once you know Alan has read and got your phone number then edit your post and delete your number. 


Like Evils said it's not advisable to display your personal number on forums and it's not like having it in a phone directory as anyone anywhere, including unscrupulous 'watchers' from all corners of the world, can see it on here :wink:


If yours/Algy's PM messages aren't getting through make sure your forum message inbox is not full as it only has a certain amount of allowed storage space.

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