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Seems our job centres are now being asked to delve more into the ability of claimants to speak English and to prove they have been actively seeking work. Obviously the Government are now trying everything now, to create the impression that they are getting a grip of immigration and benefit tourism, in an effort to appease public opinion in the run up to next year's Euro-election; where hopefully the main Parties will get slaughtered. But if someone enters an interview situation, wouldn't  their language skills already be apparent; and if they have to fill forms in, wouldn't that prove their capabilities? So, why haven't Government or employers been operating such a policy already? And with all these attempts to "tighten up" controls; will they survive EU oversight or appeals to the ECHR?

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Isn't the onus on the government to provide every help to these people so they are not  disadvantaged ?  They certainly do so at present with forms in various languages or provision of interpreters ,so i should imagine that some shrewd immigrant will claim  that a precedent has already been set  & blow the whole plan wide open.

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