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The Divine Comedy


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When I read Dante's Divine Comedy aka Dante's Inferno - it was for a college class. I am so glad I saved it to read on my own. It is an allegory, reflecting the world and people at that time in the 1400's.


After reading through several Cantos (chapters) I found that man has not changed and that if there is a hell I hope it is set up just like Dante envisioned. The people that take advantage of the poor and helpless are in the deeper and more painful part of hell.

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Mary, you challenged me for a serious book. I looked on the Sunday Times Top 10 Sellers and not too many interesting ones currently. Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is on the top Paperback Nonfiction list - due to recent publicity I suppose. So, OK, I haven't read Dante since college, but I'll stop at the library and review it, and then post. Ohhhh, nooo, I just realized THAT IS FICTION. I guess there is a blurry line between SERIOUS books and fiction-nonfiction. For example I've read ALL of James Michener's fiction and would consider it serious as well. I was out of line, wasn't I?

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