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Worth every penny?


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Well, there at it again: at a time when most are out of work or on a pay freeze; MPs are to be given an 11% pay rise. Now, whilst they can rightly argue that the recommendations are from an "independent" body and can't be altered by them; there is another way to cushion the tax-payer - redundancies !   Simply reduce the total number of MPs by 50% and save £80million per year; by combining every two constituencies into one. While there at it, reduce the 600 plus seats in that elderly person's home, we call the Lords, down to 100 "elected" senators, and then move on to reduce the overall per capita political  representation in local government. Problem is, turkey's won't vote for Xmas !

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Here we go again, every time our politicians get a pay rise out comes the get rid of them and save money brigade.


These people are doing a vital job in our country. without them the country would be in an even worse state than what it is at the moment. do you not feel that these honest hard working dedicated men and women, sorry will have to stop there as i cannot contintue due to laughing so much at what i am trying to post


They are all in it for the money and no other reason. Politics is one of the easier money spinners. you don't have to know anything about your area of responsibility you just have to deliver what the ministry men give to you.  Anybody who thinks that the person that stands up in parliament actually write sthe speeches they give is at best deluded. they have whole government departments for speech writing and for setting who gets what and who gets a funding cut. the people we vote for are just a face to be annoyed at and have about as much influence on policy making as i have on the out come of armaggedon (or any other end of the world senario that you subscribe to)


the main reason they put the decision about their pay into and "independant body" was so that in the eventual circumstances that have come about they can get a pay rise and all kick up that they don't want or need it and look as though they care about the people. If the "independant body" had advocated a pay cut do you honestly think that the politicians would have said "Jolly good idea, way to set and example, etc". If so i have some very good stock that will bring in a great return for just a small investment.


Still in real terms i suppose it is just a little raise to make up for all the expenses they can no longer claim for, got to find the money out of their own pockets to get the moats cleaned now.


Oh and a merry Christmas to all.

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