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Tax disc to go -


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Better dig the false number plates out then and save a few hundred a year on my road tax. :ph34r:


As for a reduction, unlikely, it will probably mean an increase in manpower to check all the ctv footage for vehicle license dodgers.


All these electronic means of checking are great until the computer throws a wobbler and then how do you check. no tax disc to look at so it will be down to the old standby of produce your documents at the nearest station and bingo "it wasn't me officer i wasn't driving the car it is offroad being repaired as far as i was aware, failed it mot dint it so left it at the garage to be sorted, Must have been one of them mechanics running about in it" :mrgreen:



Just had a thought, how will that affect those who do not pay road tax. at present they have to display a disc even though it says cost £0.00.

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I have to "tax" my Corsair every year even though it is 46 years old and is classed as an "Historic" vehicle and is free.... I also have to get it MOT'd every year (although it is exempt from some tests such as emissions etc)


Personally, I go through the motions of taxing the car but the tax disc sits in the glovebox because the 1976 disc in the original holder looks far better on the car!!

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