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More taking the p&%$ -


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Didn't know whether to put this on the jokes page - but it seems it really happened: the MOD has paid out £100,000 to three female RAF recruits, who claim they suffered back problems due to having to over-step when marching with taller male colleagues. If I remember correctly, "the pace" is a standard stride measured with the DI's pace stick, thus actually making it difficult for taller recruits, in some cases. Perhaps a minimum height requirement might help save the MOD money. from more spurious claims?

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Obs yes there taking the Pee.. they must be, they are getting more compo than some of the lads who have been wounded in combat...
Yes the pace stick is still in use and its a set space, this what makes a farce of the females shouting equality,if you think you can do the same job then do it but dont cry when you find you cant...just go quietly...

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