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M.S.C. Locos - Video.


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Rather than upload 70 photos I have compiled this video slide show of all the steam loco photos available to me and uploaded it to my You Tube account, if successful I may do the same with the Old Warrington photos. Should keep me occupied over the winter months!.


For best results watch in 480p format and have the sound on, turn off if the music is not to your taste. :wink:



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Superb Algy and the music that accompanies it made it quite moving.  Well done you !! :D


Hard to believe all those photo's were taken so long ago as they are all so very clear.  I do have to question why on earth the chap on the 'Tatton' was wearing a full white suite though. 

Blimey imagine having to wash that at the end of the week to get it clean. :shock:

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