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Warrington Ghostly Town


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More than one too many :lol: .... but then again how could a human scale a 10 foot wall etc with such ease and speed. 


Saying that with over 100 angry people chasing them with pokers and the likes then I guess the 'supernatural' powers of  human adrenalin could have kicked in to give them extra strength and speed to get away quickly ha ha.    

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:lol:  :lol: Yes I did Tracey but that never occurred to me ha ha.


Green illuminated eyes with a sort of 'light switch' on it's chest made me giggle too. 


I wonder if they ever found out who it actually was... or 'what'.  I couldn't find anything else about it. 

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I found another one..... eek it's Stockton Heath and I walk past here every day. 


I shall be taking a different route when it's dark from now on just in case posting this entices the mischievous spirit back gain :wink: 

I'm guessing it must mean the St Thomas' Church graveyard but I'm not sure which houses it means as it's dated 1885. 


Algy any idea ??  'Better class housing abutting on the high road.... with a greenhouse.... near the graveyard'.  

I wondered Ellesmere Road but I don't think the houses were built then.    




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