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Favourite Film Music?


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I believe it was the first Arnie film with his name above the title. The music is awesome, and I've said it in other threads, the music in the orgy scene is better than Saint-Saens orgy music in SAMSON AND DELILAH. Composer was Basil Polidouris, from So.Calif.


If anyone has a phobia about snakes, avoid this movie along with all the other snake films, though. James Earl Jones morphs into a giant snake in CONAN.

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Usually, anything composed by John Barry is well worth it - eg James Bond theme & incidental music, 'Dances with Wolves', 'Out of Africa' and many many more. Also like Ennio Morricone 'The Mission' & others, Hans Zimmer 'Thin Red Line' etc etc, James Horner 'A Beautiful Mind'.

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The musician who performed the shark theme died last month. The two note theme - with a tuba -- not the swimming music.


Uh oh, you meant the attack music, not the two notes alerting us to the shark's presence. Sorry.


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