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Warrington Drunkards ;)


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The story is set in the mid fifties.  Pre-radio days, and occurred on one of the four main roads through Warrington.  Policewomen didn't work nights and women were virtually never kept in custody overnight cos you would have to call out a police matron, and the borough police didn't like spending money.


"About one or clock in the morning, I  was standing by the police pillar in   ? road.  A man came up to me and said there was a drunken or dead woman outside ? garage, about 150 yards away.  She was in a drunken stupor.  Normally, people in her condition would be taken home; handed over to a relative. and then reported  for summons - drunk and incapable.


  The woman, about 30, had nothing in her hand-bag or on her person.  This left me with a dilemma.  Unfortunately there was no way I could bring her round, even by rougher than normal  attempts.   There was no alternative, she had to be locked up for many reasons - mainly that you couldn't leave a drunken woman lying around on a busy A road all night.


With difficulty, I dragged her across the main road and all the way to the police pillar.  A bad tempered PC was on the other end of the phone  and I asked that the police van be sent out.  He requested that I found out who my parents were and was quite definitely not persuaded.  "If you take her to the side of ? garage, you'll find a barrel of water.  Stick her head in that and she'll come round".


This was the same garage where I had found her.  I was a probationary constable and he was the man in charge.  So back she went across the main road ........ and to the barrel of water.   Her head was dunked for ever increasing periods, but there was no way she could be revived.  There being no alternative, she was dragged once again across the road back to the police pillar, and a request for the van was at last approved. She was locked up and I went off duty to appear in court with her the same morning.


  In a way, I had the last laugh.  She was dragged up into court and the magistrates were plainly displeased to see a woman in court, and particularly one in her condition.  "Guilty or not guilty?"   "I don't know, I'm still drunk".  The bench quickly remanded her back to the cells for 24 hours - before or since I can't recall that happening to any other drunken person - other than those arrested while the court is sitting."



Might I just break the rules and slip in a commercial for my very cheap 2  little poetry book for umpteenagers.  60 % of the poems are concerning Warrington. albeit  disguised, but very true.  Ideal little present in my opinion. If interested, please send me a message.

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Great story Harry and the image of you dragging that women back and too then dunking her really made me laugh :lol:  :lol:


I did sort of feel a teeny bit sorry for the lady though ha ha


PS I've just sent you a message as I'd like some please for pressies for people as I love your wonderful peoms and I'm sure they will too  :D 

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