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Wolfie & Cleo?.


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Like you algy, I know nothing. Bit worrying on the Cleo front when you see what is going on over their, hope she and her family are ok

Joking about Wolfie Lt, he's a survivor, but Cleo, with respect to her is an elderly lady and I do hope she is OK.

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I tried contacting Cleo from here, as I know Algy did, but she didn't reply. I though maybe she had gone on holiday with her family or something but she's been quiet on here for so long now I doubt that is the reason.  There have been so many topics on here since she suddenly disappeared, including the one where we all wished her a happy birthday, that there is no way Cleo would have been able to resist replying if she had just got bored of it all.


I really miss Wolfie as he has a cracking sense of humour, ok so maybe some people don't get it but I do.   :lol:   WHERE ARE YOU WOLFMAN !!!    Howoooooooooooll 8)  


I tried contacting Wingnut when he first disappeared too as he was a lovely bloke and his tales always had me in stitches.  He was so kind too as he gave our lad a large fishing trolley and also put him in touch with someone who was selling some fishing gear and Wingy even picked him up from ours and took him to see it.  Damn how I wish I had kept the scrap of paper with his phone number on :|


I'm actually feeling quite sad now as there are loads of other people and chats that I'm suddenly remembering and now missing from years ago too now I start to think about it :cry:   

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