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How low,how low, how low can you go?


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If they wanted to show it was from them then they could just have had a tiny weeny little logo on their attached card.


Their large centre piece to the wreath is totally distasteful, disrespectful and should have been removed straight away IMO.

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There you go again putting words in my mouth Lt Kije. If you read the article the British Legion which made the wreath say that they make wreaths with the logos of ALL the political parties on. Like I said - faux outrage by the other parties to try and make political capital. I am not a supporter of UKIP or any political party unlike some people on here who make no secret of their political allegiance.

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I think it was the 'in your face' colours and logo that rattled me when I saw it.   Maybe if political parties have to have their party logo on them they should be made to drop their party colours.


It doesn't seem quite as bad when you take the colour off.



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