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Council Tax reduction


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I see they are at it again. A company telephoning people to say "are you aware that you could be due a refund on your Council Tax?"

They are suggesting your property could be in the wrong tax band. Now let's get this straight.  Council Tax commenced in April 1993. The properties had been assessed for tax bands by the Valuation Office in Liverpool (part of the Inland Revenue) in 1991/92. (Property tax bands are not set by the local council, and cannot be, by law)  If you live in a row of houses, all similar, and all are in the same tax band, why should these people now try to tell you that your property is banded wrong after 20 years? If however you think so, then contact the council and they will give you the procedure of how to appeal. You don't need agents, you don't need to pay middle men, you can do this yourself. So don't be conned. These folk are telephoning to try to make money from you. And of course, a word of caution, be careful  if you do decide to appeal to the Valuation office as it could be found that your property is indeed banded incorrectl,y and move it upwards to a higher tax band! That won't please you, or your neighbours.

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