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Bonfire night


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We have too Asp especially over the past few days (daytime too.. which is stupid anyway as what is the point in that ? ) 


Can my dog come and stay at yours  Robbo :(


They haven't been particularly loud ones so far but our dog is absolutely petrified of them all the same.  We had just about got her going out for walks again after someone set a load off  a few months ago and now we are back to square one again.  She has spent all night hiding under a chair and it's so sad to see as she doesn't understand that she is perfectly safe and it's just a noise and we know that once the louder ones start she will be trying to claw her way through doors, floors, behind things, into the smallest gaps she can and anything she try can to 'get away' from the sound and vibrations :(


Anyone know if there is such a thing as dog valium as we are completely dreading the next few weeks again now.... and Christmas Eve... and New Years eve and probably everything in between as we usually do !  

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Feel for you Diz, worst time of year for dogs, that's for sure. As for affordability, can't say I've noticed austerity biting folk. Young guy bought two pies the other day and told the shop girl to "keep the change"!  Holiday flights over Xmas & N/Year are all booked up - so I guess they will be affording bangers.

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