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Spamalot -- the new musical from Eric Idle


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Director Mike Nichols was interviewed by Charlie Rose last night on this new Broadway production destined for success.


Charlie said, 'what's it about?' --well,it's about silliness, and sketch comedy, and ---- (finally) about class distinctions since it is English! Tim Curry is shown as King Arthur singing about being alone - his visible valet is invisible to a king even when he looks into the valet's eyes.


I don't think the music will be memorable, but we need this silly humor again.


Nichols said a musical is 1,000 times more dangerous/difficult than a straight play, because there's so many pieces moving all the time. Curtains going up, dancers entering, exiting. He also said that it takes a million dollars to stage a play on Broadway even if the only props are three chairs and a table.

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