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Who's to blame ?


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Seems 18 -24 yr olds in the UK have a literacy and numeracy problem compared to their peers elsewhere in the world. It doesn't bode well for the UKs future economic prospects in a competitive world, when basic skills are lacking. Wasn't this the generation that went to school during Bliar's  "Education, Education, Education" years? 

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Yep.... got to agree there Eagle.


To emphasise the point; not content with having their kids finish at 2:30 every day of the week, Great Sankey High School is sending my 12 year old son and his fellow pupils home at 1:30 tomorrow so the teachers can prepare for an evening showing future pupils around.... Another hour of schooling lost to add to the excessive holidays and strikes.... no wonder the kids are getting more stupid and the state is having to dumb down exams to make things look better than they are...

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