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Steamer Narrowboat.


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Walking the towpath the other day when this unusal boat passed us, a brand new steam driven narrowboat, if you are wondering how they manage to pass under the bridges they lift it out and carry it round.

video best watched in 720 or 480p quality setting, I apologies for the poor video quality as the damned thing was travelling so fast that I had the incorrect setting on my camera.


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Great vid of the narrowboat! The few steam driven boats still on canals and rivers tend to be old preserved craft. This one I believe is only about two or three years old.  I would agree, a novelty but not exactly convenient considering the number of canal bridges about!

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The boat and steam propulsion is excellent however the tall stack is a bit of a gimmick and to my mind actually spoils the look of the boat and as you say middlec bit of a pain having to lower the thing before entering a bridge and raise it after would be tedious to say the least.

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