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Photos from a Warringtonian!.


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Nice photos Algy & good to see they still have a fishing industry. Now, they are a breed of men i take my hat off to !

Davy, it's only a few boats now compared to when I was a lad, the trawlers used to be three and four deep along side the river wharf waiting to unload. We were up there for the weekend, lovely weather and did the coast run north of Whitley Bay/Cullercoats calling at Beamish working museum on the way home and can certainly recommend a visit but you do need a full day and good weather to see it all.


Beamish Town (Museum) bus tram terminus. (I shall upload more photos but only if anyone is interested).


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Yes ,it is a very pleasant area of Britain along the east coast  & i expect still pretty much unspoiled. It is a pity that so many parts of the country are missing their traditional industries & are now museum pieces with former glory days remembered with nostalgia  & usually through rose coloured glasses.

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I agree, Beamish is a great place to visit, I was there on Tuesday. We have been there twice before, but many years ago. Little has changed really, but there have been some additions and improvements. It was just a pity that it was murky and damp on Tuesday when we were there, but it didn't spoil the enjoyment.





And the admission ticket is now valid for one year, so if in the area again it allows you to re-visit without paying anything more. It's such a vast place it deserves a second (or third) visit.


And isn't Newcastle a nice place? Especially if the sun shines! (as it did on Monday)



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Middlec, we were very fortunate with the weather especially with the Beamish visit, and yes Newcastle is a great city to go around and the people warm and welcoming, I had relatives at Cullercoats and going back as far as the 1940's spent many of my school holidays there, we visited the village again this year, the only problem is there are no parking places near the harbour and with the weather so nice and it being a weekend the place was packed so we never stopped to walk the beach.

Just a few shots of Beamish.





















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Lovely photos Algy.

Beamish is a great place, and I would recommend it to anyone to visit as it has so much to offer. A unique place.

Even better to visit if the weather is good.

It's a vast area, so a lot of walking involved, even though trips on the trams, buses and in this car are unlimited and included in the admission price.


A ride in this car is a must, but it isn't comfortable.

Perhaps the suspension can't cope with the cobbles!



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