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The film "Philomena" starring Dame Judi Dench and Steve Coogan and directed by Stephen Frears has recently been premiered at the Venice Film Festival to loud critical acclaim.


The film is about the forced adoption of the baby of Philomena Lee by the nun's at the convent of Roscrea, Co. Limerick and about subsequent events.


It is a tragic tale.


The film is both a tear jerker and humerous, as could be expected of Steve Coogan.


There is, however, a connection between this film and Padgate (specifically) and Warrington (in general).


I am certain that you will all work this little conumdrum out pretty quickly but your help about this would be extremely welcome.






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Well....Steve Cougan plays journalist Martin Sixsmith (journalist, bbc correspondent, Government's Director of Communications and now writer) and Martin S was born in Warrington and his dad was a government official in Warrington too (I think) and his mum a teacher.


So is that the 'little' conundrum sorted maybe... or maybe not... what is it that you need help with RC ?...I don't really get it.


I just watched the trailer though and it looks a great film and one that I'd really like too see so I'm glad you mentioned it  :)

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Oooh sorry RC I didn't mean to spoil it for you ..... I thought it was some additional info that you were looking for rather than what I posted which was so very easy to find in a matter of seconds  :oops:


Should I delete my post or is it too late now?...  it would only take others seconds to find what I posted though too.  Like I said SORRY !! 


Still looks like a good film and I hadn't heard of it until you posted.  I'll go and crawl back under my rock now :lol:

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Dizzy, please don't worry. No problem at all,and Gary I am also surprised that we aren't on the mailing list.

I am not really sure what I can do about that but have email and tel. contacts if you want them? If so do you want to message me?




Why the above is not in blue I have no idea (perhaps I have been blacklisted by them as I have also, apparantly been by WWF- 2 reputation points to my credit, to date!) but having read the book "Philomena Lee" without seeing the film I can understand why Philomena has won the Venice film festival "Queer Lion" award although I very much doubt that this would be seen as P.C. in the U.K.


Oh to be back in Venice!

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Your link IS in blue RC, well it is to me anyway although I have to right click to open it.


Are you feeling paranoid again ?  


Just because you have only gained 2 reputation points on here since joining in February this year doesn't mean you have been blacklisted...infact there is no 'blacklist' facility. You need to stop worrying and imagining things, just like when you said/thought some of your posts had been deleted (when they hadn't) and like when you said you had been banned (but hadn't).     :lol:


Poor Gary has been a member since 2002 and only has 22 reputation points so I bet he's feeling really paranoid too now you've mentioned it   :lol:


Saying that Gary only usually posts in the sports section and rarely ventures into any other topics sections so I'm surprised he has that many 8)

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:shock:  :shock:  Blimey is that link for real RC ?


Paperbacks ....2 new at a price of  £869.35 or 3 used from  £150.97  I think I'll give it a miss and wait for the library to get a copy or borrow yours when you've finished with it :wink:

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